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#95 Reusable Produce Bag


This is a pattern for making reusable produce bags. I have been using these bags since about 2008. They aren't slimy and wet like plastic bags. You can even throw them in the fridge with your produce in them!

The default finished size is 15.75" / 40cm long and 14.5" / 37cm wide. Item Height and Width are adjustable.

The bag has no bottom seam and is cut in one piece. The bag also has a default 3/4" / 19mm Hem Depth.

The sides have a double seam allowance to accommodate a French seam that will completely enclose the inside edges.  This is to make the bag more sturdy for longevity and washing. If you would prefer not to use a French seam, set the Include French Seam to no.



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