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#103 Adaptive Folded Waistband Seated Pant


This is a adaptive pant pattern that is drafted specifically for seated individuals.

We strongly encourage you to make a test garment to dial in the perfect fit so there are no pressure points or discomfort.

Add ribbon loops to the inside of each side seam at the top to allow easier self-dressing, if appropriate.

The back crotch is extended 4.5" / 114mm to allow the pant to sit higher on the back waist. Adjust this using the Back Crotch Length increase through slash and spread variable.

The center front is reduced 3.25" / 83mm to remove excess fabric at the front. Adjust this using the Pant front seam adjustment for seated variable.

This has a fold-over elastic waistband. The finished width of the folded waistband is 1.25” / 31.75mm by default. You can change this using the waistband depth variable.

This pattern uses the natural waistline. If you want the pants to sit lower, add a waistline drop value.

The circumference of the pant leg at the hem will be calculated at two times the ankle circumference, if a pant leg circumference is not entered. The pants include a 1”/25.4mm hem.

This pattern is drafted using the hip measurement only with hip ease added.


All Types & Ages


This pattern allows you to choose the length of the pants. The length ranges from floor length to short (short-shorts are not available on this style). Visit the pants page in the manual to learn more.

Visit the variables page in the manual to learn more about all the options.

Required Measurements

  • Ankle
  • Crotch Rise / Depth
  • Height
  • Hip Circumference
  • Inseam
  • Waist to Hip

Basic measurements Detailed measurements