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#134 Knit Skirt with Cowl and Tucks


This skirt is intended for use with knits. The skirt has a straight front and back panel. The skirt front and back sides are joined into one piece and slashed and spread to create cowls.

You can Select a Skirt Length or go with the default.

This includes a separate waistband casing for elastic. The width is determined by the Elastic Width.

Refer to the instructions before cutting.




All Types & Ages


The Side Panel pattern may have strange seam allowance marks. Disregard the obvious over marking that comes to a point at the center. The true seam allowance will meet at a point at center. This should be easy to determine.

Fold the tucks in the Draped Panel pattern before you cut it out. Align the grey points on the Draped Panel with those on the Side Panel allowing the excess paper to tuck to the back.

After folding, equalize the seam allowance by trimming the edge so it is smooth when folded. Make sure everything matches up with the Side Panel properly before cutting any fabric.

The red line at the top indicates the fold line for the top edge self-facing on the Draped Panel.




Required Measurements

  • Height
  • Ankle Height
  • Crotch Rise / Depth
  • Hip Circumference
  • Knee Height
  • Waist - Natural Circumference
  • Waist to Floor
  • Waist to Hip

Basic measurements Detailed measurements