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#135 Three Tiered Skirt


This is a tiered skirt intended for knits. The skirt consists of a front and back lining and three tier patterns.

You can Select a Skirt Length or go with the default.

This includes a separate waistband casing for elastic. The width is determined by the elastic width.

The tier width and subsequent gathering is as follows:

  • Tier 1 = Hip Circumference x 1.5
  • Tier 2 = Hip Circumference x 2.25
  • Tier 3 = Hip Circumference x 3.375

The top tier is sewn at the waistline on the lining. The second is sewn on the dashed aqua line and the third at the bottom aqua line.

The tiers are 1/3 the center front length plus 2"/50.8mm.

Note that the tier patterns have their dimensions on them. Since they are simple rectangles, you don't have to print the patterns. The measurements DO NOT include seam allowances or hems, just the finished dimensions. You will need to add these values, if you are cutting with measurements only.

If you want the tier's grainline to be parallel to center front, you will need to cut the tiers in pieces to fit on the fabric. Then you will need to sew them back together before attaching to the lining.


All Types & Ages

Required Measurements

  • Height
  • Hip Circumference
  • Ankle Height
  • Crotch Rise / Depth
  • Waist - Natural Circumference
  • Waist to Floor
  • Waist to Hip
  • Knee Height

Basic measurements Detailed measurements