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#165 Egg Collection Apron


This is an apron that I designed 9 years ago based on a request. I have an instructional video on YouTube that corresponds to it, but I didn't provide a pattern until now.

On this pattern, the egg pockets will always be the same size, regardless of the body measurements provided. However, the number of pockets will change to fit the body sizes. This is necessary for the pockets to always be "egg sized", even if this is made for a child.



All Types & Ages


This is a very popular design, with the video receiving over 139,000 views. Many people have made it with success. The video teaches you how to draft the pattern, which you no longer need to do.

You can still use the video for construction, if you wish.

Required Measurements

  • Height
  • Waist - Natural Circumference
  • Waist to Knee

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