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#168 Knit Nightgown


This is a simple knit nightgown that has a lot of possibilities. The nightgown is flared at the hemline. The default Spread Amount is 2" / 50.8mm, which adds a total of 8" / 203.2mm in circumference at the hemline. 

There is a default of 2" / 50.8mm ease added at the waist, bust and hips. Reduce these, if you wanted this more fitted.

The Armhole Drop is generous at 1" / 25.4mm, which can cause slight gaping but is more comfortable for sleepwear.

The default Neckline Seam Allowances is wide at 1/2" / 12.7mm for a turned edge. If you want to add banding, remove the seam allowances.

You can choose any length you like paired with many different sleeve options.


Very Easy
All Types & Ages

Required Measurements

  • Across Back
  • Armhole Length
  • Center Back to Waist
  • Chest / Bust
  • Height
  • Neck Circumference
  • Waist - Natural Circumference
  • Ankle Height
  • Crotch Rise / Depth
  • Hip Circumference
  • Knee Height
  • Waist to Floor
  • Waist to Hip

Basic measurements Detailed measurements