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#174 Summer Hat


This is a six section summer hat. This hat is reversible. You can use a different fabric for the facing and have two different looks.

Choose from three different Brim Shapes: standard, scalloped or pointed.

You can decide how far out the brim extends using the Brim Depth option. It is set to 3" / 76mm by default for the standard brim. If you decide to use the scalloped or pointed brim shapes, the brim will extend and then the shape will extend resulting in a brim that is twice the Brim Depth value. You might want to half the depth in these cases to 1.5" / 38mm.

The Head Ease should be adjusted for fuller hair or a looser fit. The Over Head ease can also be adjusted.


All Types & Ages


The drafting instructions for this pattern were derived from a YouTube video from Stitching Vulture.

The video also has assembly instructions, if you need them. I highly recommend his tutorials.

Required Measurements

  • Hat Circumference
  • Hat Over Head
  • Height

Basic measurements Detailed measurements