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#175 Bucket Hat


This is a casual bucket hat, also called a fisherman's hat. It is usually made of a heavy fabric such as denim or canvas. You can add optional eyelets on the top for ventilation.

Set the Crown Height from 2.5" / 63.5mm to 5" / 127mm for the best result. Anything over 5" / 127mm will require more stabilization.

You can change how far out the brim extends with the Brim Depth option. To make the brim stand out, the brim pattern is slashed and 8 times the Slash Reduction is removed. The default is a 3.5" / 89mm brim with a 3/8" / 9.53 Slash Reduction ( 3" / 76.2mm total removed). If you make the brim wider, increase the Slash Reduction to make it stand out from the face.

You can change the shape of the cap to fit your head better with the optional Head Shape choices. 

The hat is drafted based on the Hat Circumference and Hat Over Head measurements.

The Head Ease should be adjusted for fuller hair or a looser fit. The over head measurement can also be adjusted with ease.



The drafting instructions for this pattern were derived from a YouTube video from Stitching Vulture.

If you need instructions, he has a video for that. I highly recommend his tutorials.

Required Measurements

  • Height
  • Hat Circumference
  • Hat Over Head

Basic measurements Detailed measurements