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#63 Bodice Sloper Y


This is a fitted waist length front sloper pattern for the Y body type. 

This is a great starting point for import into the Fashioner.


Adult Y Body Type


 What is a sloper?

Required Measurements

  • Blade Apex Width Back
  • Bust / Chest Height Back
  • Bust / Chest Width Back
  • Center Length Back
  • Full Length Back
  • Height
  • Mid-Armhole Height Back
  • Mid-Armhole Width Back
  • Neck Width Back
  • Shoulder Across Back
  • Shoulder Length
  • Shoulder Slope Back
  • Shoulder to Mid-Armhole Back
  • Side Length
  • Waist Width Back
  • Bust / Chest Width Front
  • Center Length Front
  • Full Length Front
  • Mid-Armhole Height Front
  • Mid-Armhole Width Front
  • Neck Width Front
  • Shoulder Across Front
  • Shoulder Slope Front
  • Shoulder to Mid-Armhole Front
  • Waist Width Front

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