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#64 Skirt Sloper


This is a skirt sloper pattern. 

If the waist is more than 1" / 25mm smaller than the hips, a waist dart will be created in the front and/or the back. If the waist is larger than the hips, the waist measurement will be used at the hipline, too.

This will draft full length to the floor with no allowance for movement. Use the pattern to verify measurements and then shorten it before sewing into a sloper for test fitting.

This is a great starting point for import into the Fashioner.


Very Easy
All Types & Ages


What is a sloper?

Required Measurements

  • Blade Apex Width Back
  • Height
  • Hip Depth Back
  • Hip Depth Side
  • Hip Width Back
  • Knee Height
  • Side Leg Length
  • Waist Width Back
  • Bust Apex Width Front
  • Hip Depth Front
  • Hip Width Front
  • Waist Width Front

Basic measurements Detailed measurements