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System Updates & New Items

  • #168,#169,#171,#172,#173,#174,#175
    5/21/24 - Added five new hat patterns and two new nightgown patterns.
  • 3/31/24 - Added My Journal and My Stash features for contributing members. Added 1/4, 1/2, 1/5 scale PDF to output options.
  • 3/10/24 - Major system upgrade Version 4.5. Changed some functionality and streamlined processes.
  • 10/11/23 - Added elastic lengths to panty patterns.
  • 10/4/23 - Patterns were setting the seam allowance on armhole and necklines using the standard seam allowance value instead of the specific armhole seam allowance and neckline seam allowance variables.
  • 09/26/23 - Community Request - Patterns were not drafting correctly on some Library Measurement Sets. Big mess and all fixed now.
  • 09/25/23 - The My Garments and My Fashioner Session tables now include a Reference number to assist in debugging.

Fashioner Updates

  • 5/2/24 - Added the Drag Layer tool to the Fashioner. This allows you to arrange small patterns (doll) so they can be printed at one time instead of on multiple PDF pages. Jason requested this in the forum. Thanks for the idea Jason!
  • 3/17/24 - Fully updated the Fashioner manual to reflect all the new tools added and the revision of many older ones.
  • 3/10/24 - Reviewed every tool in the Fashioner and updated functionality to increase ease of use and accuracy. Added over 10 new tools to automate complicated drafting procedures.
  • 10/29/23 - Adding a point on a curve now splits the curve at the new point. This creates two polylines and all curve points are removed.
  • 10/5/23 - Text will now move/rotate with the rest of the items when "Layer Move / Rotate" are used.
  • 09/28/23 - New Tool - "Verify Seam Allowance" can be used if adding a seam allowance fails to diagnosis the possible problem./li>
  • 09/27/23 - The "Layer Visiblity" tool now shows hidden layers in orange in the selection tree.
  • 09/27/23 - If a seam allowance is deleted and it is the only thing on a a seam allowance layer, the layer will also be removed.
  • 09/25/23 - Community Request - Some types of geometry were not selectable for different tools. All geometry should now be selectable.
  • 09/15/23 - Items on hidden layers will no longer be selectable.
  • 09/15/23 - Community Request - Added "Change Point Type" to Points menu to change point colors at will.
  • 09/7/23 - Community Request - Exposed the "General Seam Allowance" variable when selecting #159 Empty Fashioner to set default value in Fashioner.