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#102 Unisex Smock Top


This is a pattern for a smock top. The top has a yoke and gathered lower panel. The panel is flared at the bottom with slashes spread 2.36" / 60mm each, adding 19" / 480mm to the entire hemline circumference.

The panel is flared at the top, where it joins to the yoke, spread .79" / 20mm each, adding 6.3" / 160mm to the yoke circumference.

You can change this flare by changing the Bodice Spread Value & Skirt Spread Value  variables.

The neckline is rounded and dropped and not intended for use with a collar. The neckline may be smaller than the head circumference, so knit fabrics may work best. 

The top will draft to the hip level by default. Use the Add length to top variable to make it longer.

This is an easy-fit top with generous bust and hip ease by default.

If you choose to pair this top with a sleeve puffed at the cap (#17 shown in the image), a Spread Value of 1.18" / 30mm and Cap Ease of 1.18" / 30mm is recommended.


All Types & Ages

Required Measurements

  • Across Back
  • Armhole Length
  • Center Back to Waist
  • Chest / Bust
  • Height
  • Neck Circumference
  • Waist to Hip

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